Thank you for your generous support. Your tax-deductable contribution will be used help bring clean water for people in Burundi.  You can make donations by mail or online. If you prefer to mail your donation, make your check payable to "Gazelle Foundation" and address it to:

Gazelle Foundation
PO Box 1487
Austin, TX 78767-1487

Does your company match your donation? Here is a current list of corporations who will make a donation to us any time that you do:

Dell, GE, Intel, Freescale, Microsoft, National Instruments, Oracle, Red Hat


The Gazelle Foundation's goals are to find ways to improve life for all people in Burundi. This is a unifying effort that does not favor a specific tribe or group. Secondly, because Austin is home, the Foundation gives back to the local community, specifically helping Austin's youth. A key challenge in Burundi is that financial gifts do not often get to where they are intended. We initially addressed this by providing a grant to a well-established relief organization in the country who was already providing tangible relief to their beneficiaries. After completion of the Songa Project in 2009 we located a manager who has administered every water system since. We are pleased to say that 100 percent of your donations go directly to our work, thanks in part to a grant covering administrative needs.

The Gazelle Foundation's primary focus is to provide access to clean water for the people of Burundi. Because of a concerted effort to maintain this focus we have been able to serve more than 23,000 citizens of Burundi as of December 2013. Having a clear, succinct mission allows us to execute it effectively and provide tangible results to beneficiaries and our donors. Through this accessibility to clean water, the people of Songa, Burundi have seen a dramatic decline in the existence of waterborne illnesses, an increase in school attendance, and an overall positive change in life. To learn more, please visit

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